State Cup at Galway Downs

Welcome Letter
Welcome to Galway Downs! We are a 242-acre equestrian facility located in Temecula Wine Country. We have 40 acres of grass polo fields where we also host athletic sports tournaments. We are proud to host SoCal State Cup as well as many elite tournaments and league play for Southern California teams. Parking at Galway Sports events is $12 per car. We look forward to hosting your family at Galway Downs!
Thank You,
Rules / Policies / Code of Conduct

DO NOT PARK ON STREETS – No parking on Los Caballos, Los Corralitos or Pauba Road. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed. We want to be good neighbors to those around us and keep Equestrian pathways alongside our roadways of vehicles.

Pet Policy: The only pets allowed on property are registered service animals or well-trained dogs that are kept on a short leash.

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL and NO ALCOHOL on the fields. Depending on the event, Galway Downs may have areas reserved for enjoying adult beverages (sufficiently away from the fields). No Grills for cooking food due to safety concerns. We have food & beverage available on site for your enjoyment.


Use your GPS to get to Temecula, but please turn it off (ignore it) once you turn on Los Caballos or Pauba Road and follow the signs/directions because your GPS is going to likely send you to the main entrance and not to the correct entrance for your field.

Before You Leave HomeFrom OC/SD/LAFrom Palm Desert:Google Map

Know the field number your athlete is playing on before arriving and double check directly on the Cal South site the night before (sometimes teams are reassigned different field numbers).  We have two large polo fields and depending on the field number you will want to enter the correct entrance.  These entrances change from time-to-time depending on events at Galway Downs (we are 242 acres) so follow the signs.

  1. 15 Freeway to Temecula, CA
  2. Exit TEMECULA PARKWAY and head East
  3. Turn Left at LOS CABALLOS RD (Polo 2) or PAUBA RD (Polo 1)
  4. Follow the Signs – Your entrance may change.
  1. Highway 74 (West)
  2. Left (West) on Highway 371
  3. Right (West) on Highway 79-South
  4. Right on Pauba and follow signs to correct field.

LEAVING GALWAY DOWNS:  Leaving Galway Downs by Highway 79 can challenging due to the traffic coming back from the desert on weekends.  We strongly recommend you exit via PAUBA ROAD to go back to Highway 15.  This will save you 15-20 minutes in traffic and lights.